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What Causes Sports Injuries?

Anyone participating in sports or athletic activity is at risk of suffering a foot or ankle injury. Because the feet and ankles carry and bear your entire weight, they are the most commonly injured parts of the body.Overuse, direct impact, or the application of force greater than the body part’s structural capacity are all common causes of sports injuries. Bruises, sprains, strains, joint injuries, and nose bleeds are all common injuries.Chronic injuries are caused by overuse of muscle groups or joints on a regular basis.

Poor technique and structural abnormalities can also contribute to chronic injury development. Any sports injury should be investigated by a doctor because you may be in more pain than you realise. For example, what appears to be an ankle sprain could be a bone fracture.

The most common sports-related injuries are:

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These injuries can be caused by overuse, inappropriate footwear, intense workouts, lack of warm-up and playing on hard surfaces.

At Sports Injuries our clinic in Bulleen, we begin treatment with an assessment of each patient’s foot health status to determine the best management practices. We also work closely with other medical professionals to ensure you receive the best possible care, such as treatment from a physiotherapist if other joint problems may be contributing to your injury. 

Additionally, we can provide advice and guidance on foot care maintenance and ensure that you have the right equipment and support systems in place. Our team makes sure that every foot condition is examined carefully, so that an effective treatment solution can be created specifically for your needs.

Our Bulleen clinic prioritizes comprehensive foot health assessments, collaborating with specialists for optimal care. Tailored treatments and expert advice ensure personalized solutions for effective foot care.

At our Bulleen clinic, Sports Injuries focuses on personalized foot care, conducting thorough assessments and collaborating with specialists for optimal treatment in Bulleen, Doncaster East, Ivanhoe, Eaglemont, Darwin, Lower Templstowe and Balwyn North.
Manningham Foot Clinic

Sports Injury Assessment and Care

At Manningham Foot Clinic, we are able to determine the type of injury you have and recommend the appropriate treatment, such as:

“Sports and regular exercise can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Exercise, for example, can protect against heart disease, prevent obesity, and lower the risk of osteoporosis by increasing bone density. However, sports injuries can affect athletes of all ages and abilities. While some injuries are caused by accidents, the majority are caused by inadequate or inappropriate preparation or by continuing to play after being injured. 

Physiotherapy is an effective treatment for sports injuries and can help you avoid injury. Whether you’re a regular at the gym or just starting out in a new sport, you’ll want to avoid injury as much as possible. Chartered physiotherapists can assist you in preventing and managing sports injuries. They are body movement experts who understand how muscles and joints move.

We facilitate your ankle’s healing process

Our skilled team employs cutting-edge techniques and personalized strategies to ensure optimal rehabilitation. From sprains to post-surgery care, our tailored approach addresses your specific needs. Recognizing the intricacies of ankle injuries, we provide a supportive environment for a swift recovery. Manningham Foot Clinic is committed to your overall well-being, ensuring a smooth path to restored mobility and strength. Trust us for excellence in foot care—choose a healing journey that prioritizes your comfort and puts you confidently back on your feet.



Continuous usage of an injured foot can cause muscle imbalances, resulting in lasting injury and reduced muscle action. Get in contact if you’re fighting through the agony! Our experts will ensure that your injury recovers properly.

Sports injuries, whether from extreme physical activity or from regular sports like running, are among the most common causes of foot discomfort. Our professionals can assist you in recovering safely from painful sports-related problems such as shin splints, tendinitis, and plantar fasciitis. We can create a personalised treatment plan for you based on your specific goals and activity levels to provide effective relief and limit your risk of future injury.

Treatment for sports injuries

The treatment is determined on the nature and severity of the damage. If discomfort persists after a few days, consult your doctor. What appears to be a simple sprain could be a shattered bone.

Physiotherapy can help in the rehabilitation of the injured site and, depending on the ailment, may involve exercises to enhance strength and flexibility. Returning to sport after an injury is dependent on your doctor’s or physiotherapist’s assessment.

Trying to play before the injury has fully healed can simply cause extra damage and postpone healing. A past injury is the single most important risk factor for soft tissue injury. While the injury heals, you can maintain your fitness by doing exercises that do not use that section of your body, if possible.

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