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Manningham Foot Clinic offers orthotics that are designed to prevent, correct and relieve discomfort and pain.

Manningham Foot Clinic

Treatment Using Orthotics

Whether it’s a brace or insole, these devices are an external support system applied to guide, control or temporarily stabilise the affected joint to modify and correct its structure and function.

Our professional podiatrists at Manningham Foot Clinic are able to prescribe, design and manage your custom-made orthotics. 

Designed and fitted to your individual needs


We will take an impression of your foot to make sure you get a personalised solution that addresses your specific condition. When paired with suitable footwear, our orthotics have helped people of all ages get back on their feet.

Manningham Foot Clinic

Custom Orthotics

We offer custom orthotics at Manningham Foot Clinic to make sure each client receives care tailored to their specific condition. By customising your orthotics, we can accurately target the affected area to achieve the desired results, such as:

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What Is Orthotics Therapy?

Most foot pain is caused by a faulty relationship between the foot’s bones and muscles.  Even minor misalignment of bones and muscles can cause pain.  Pronation, flat feet, persistent ankle sprains, bunions, corns and calluses, back pain, and neck pain are all symptoms of this type of misalignment.  As a result, your podiatrist may recommend Orthotic Therapy.

How Do Orthotics Contribute to Well-being?

Prescribed orthotics effectively manage forces exerted on the feet and legs, facilitating normal, healthy, and pain-free movement. Their correct prescription aims to mitigate detrimental forces, enhance gait efficiency during both walking and running.

When orthotics function as intended, alterations in ground reaction forces contribute to reduced fatigue and the prevention of chronic overuse injuries. However, if orthotics are worn out or improperly prescribed, achieving the desired outcome may be compromised. Given the dynamic nature of the feet and legs, it is imperative to regularly reassess orthotic function and efficiency, ideally every 6 to 12 months.

The pink and blue-covered orthotics available at Manningham Foot Clinic Adelaide exemplify our commitment to promoting healthy movement. Orthotics play a crucial role in alleviating pain, improving balance, and preventing injuries.

Prior to recommending orthotics, the podiatrists at Manningham Foot Clinic conduct a comprehensive assessment of your walking pattern, muscle strength, and joint range of motion. This evaluation aims to explore your body’s inherent ability to self-correct.

In instances where foot problems can be effectively managed through a combination of foot exercises, mobilization, and other straightforward treatment modalities, orthotics therapy may not be immediately prescribed. However, certain foot and leg conditions necessitate orthotic intervention to control damaging forces, facilitate healing, and prevent overuse injuries.

Enhancing Mobility with Comprehensive Orthotics Bulleen

Experience the transformation of your mobility with Comprehensive Orthotics’ cutting-edge orthotic solutions in Bulleen. We specialise in providing high-quality orthotics therapy and custom orthotics that are tailored to your specific requirements.

Our committed team recognises the significant impact that proper orthotic support can have on your daily life. Whether you have foot pain, want to improve your posture, or want to improve your athletic performance, our comprehensive orthotics in Bulleen are designed to address a wide range of issues.

With a focus on customization, we create orthotic solutions that are perfectly tailored to your specific needs. Our goal is to give you the confidence to move freely, without discomfort or limitations. Comprehensive Orthotics is your route to improved mobility and well-being if you’re looking for trusted orthotics care in Bulleen.

Comprehensive Orthotics in Bulleen. Specializing in high-quality custom orthotics, serving Doncaster East, Ivanhoe, Darwin, and more. Tailored solutions for foot pain, posture, and athletic performance. Experience freedom with trusted orthotics care.

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Bud is very compassionate and understanding. He has been very patient with our younger children, and my husband too. Very knowledgeable and gives a clear outline of what we need to do in terms of appointments and work for home to keep on top of things.



Bud is an amazing podiatrist, he is very helpful and knowledgeable. He thoroughly assesses the issue, explains the condition and helps you through the treatment with a great deal of empathy and care. The reception team are also very lovely and welcoming. I highly recommend the Manningham Foot Clinic.



I always leave here feeling like I’m walking on clouds. Bud is very professional and does a very thorough job every time! Thanks Bud!



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With over 15 years experience, Manningham Foot Clinic offers high-quality orthotic devices that help prevent, correct and relieve discomfort and pain.

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